Intern / Train in USA

Intern/Train in USA

USA Internship Program

Program Overview

Thank you for choosing CDS International for J-1 visa services. Over the past 40 years, CDS has built a reputation in the immigration law community for expediency and personal attention to client needs at the lowest possible rates. Contact Ted Geary today to learn more about our flexible solutions for your clients.

The CDS Advantage

Fastest turn-around

CDS processes complete applications in five business days or less. Need it done faster? Ask about our Expedited Service.

Multiple visa designations from the U.S. Department of State

CDS is designated as an official sponsor for both the intern and trainee categories of the J-1 visa.


CDS staff will be available for you throughout the application process and your client’s program. You may contact us at any time to discuss your clients’ status or any extenuating issues.

Health and Accident Insurance for all Interns / Trainees

All CDS interns/trainees are enrolled in health and accident insurance through International Educational Exchange Services (IEES). Enrollment is offered at a discounted group rate of US$46 per month and exceeds all U.S. Department of State regulations.

Support for Your Client throughout the Program

CDS will coordinate with you the best way to reach out to your client. We offer orientation seminars, information on how to obtain a Social Security Number, cultural programming, and networking events.

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“CDS’s orientation for all the new interns was helpful because it explained how to get started in the U.S.”

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