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American Educators Study Tour


The American Educators Study Tour is designed to provide professors, teachers, and staff from United States’ colleges, universities, and community colleges insight into Germany’s educational system. Tours in 2004, 2005, and 2006, focused on introducing participants to Germany’s dual educational system that combines theoretical and practical training. Tour highlights included site visits to local and international institutions, panel discussions with leading experts, and cultural events. Tours are designed to foster cross-cultural understanding as well as networking opportunities and are administered by CDS and InWEnt financial funding in 2004, 2005, and 2006 was provided by Germany’s Federal Foreign Ministry.

Itinerary for the 2006 American Educators Study Tour

Cologne, Germany
December 3: City tour of Cologne, orientation and Welcome Dinner

Bonn, Germany
December 4: Visit to the National Institute for Vocational and to InWEnt: Capacity Building International

Cologne, Germany
December 5: Visit to Hans-Böckler Berufskolleg and the Butzweiler Hof Vocational Training Center followed by an evening cultural event

December 6: Company visit to VAG Fleischhauer and the University of Applied Science Cologne International Office

Berlin, Germany
December 7: Visit to Center for Career Information

December 8: Company visit to Siemens AG followed by a Berlin city tour

December 9: Farewell dinner

This tour is not currently scheduled to repeat. Please check our current tours to find out more information about upcoming tours.

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